Aspen Research Case Study – Using CT Inspection Data

 Computed Tomography (CT) Provides Non-destructive Data…

Image Source: Aspen Research Blog

We’d like to share a blog one of our customers, Aspen Research Corporation, recently posted about how computed tomography (CT) inspection assisted in discovering an issue for one of their clients. This case study indicates other methods of inspection didn’t show what the problem with the object was – but computed tomography imaging did. Please note, the data used for this case study was acquired in association with Avonix Imaging’s advanced CT scanning services. The Aspen Research Blog/Case Study was written by Joel F. Flumerfelt, Ph.D., Metallurgist, Aspen Research, Maple Grove, Minnesota. 

Please take a few minutes to read this case study on the Aspen Research blog, it also features a variety of supporting images. Aspen Research Laboratories is a contract research organization that is known for superior understanding of materials science, engineering, and analytical testing. Their team of scientists collaborates with pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, single use suppliers, packaging companies, and many other industries to solve challenges and expedite product development.  

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Lee Sisters Foundation Interviews Avonix Imaging in Donor Showcase

The Lee Sisters Foundation mission statement is – To help children who live in extreme poverty by providing for their basic needs: food, clean water, shelter and education. 

Because of the Lee Sisters’ efforts, Avonix Imaging donated to this important cause. The Foundation interviewed Managing Director Jeff Diehm for their Donor Showcase and created this video. We are very proud to support their global efforts. For more information – or to donate – please visit:



Computed Tomography Installation by Avonix Imaging at Sandia National Laboratories

We are pleased to announce another successful computed tomography large-envelope system build and installation.

computed tomography; CT system

Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, selected the M2 EL (external load) manipulator with Nikon 225kV and 450kV microfocus x-ray sources.  This granite-based system also features dual-detectors including a Varex 1621 DDA and Nikon CLDA along with the 2-position panel-scanning option.  The computed tomography system is housed in an Avonix Imaging panelized radiation-shielded enclosure.  

Sandia had very complex computed tomography (CT) application requirements and searched for a system solution to meet their unique needs.  After evaluating other systems in the marketplace, they determined the M2 EL 225/450 was the ideal choice for them.  

The computed tomography images that were produced on this Nikon Metrology/Avonix Imaging system were of higher quality than anything we had seen in the industry, and this was critical to the success of this project,” states Enrico Quintana, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories. “Sandia is excited to be able to expand our capabilities with this new Nikon/Avonix M2 Large-Format CT system.  The dual 225kV/450kV microfocus will provide insight into phenomena we have never seen before.  It will dramatically increase our ability to run our models utilizing data representations of real-world configurations that were acquired with this new machine.” 

Our entire team at Avonix Imaging enjoyed working with the staff at Sandia National Laboratories and being a part of this impressive build and install. “We were proud to be involved with a project that was so important to Sandia’s work. We believe that the products we provide are unmatched in the industry and are pleased to see that Sandia feels the same way.  As Enriqo indicated, the combination of Nikon’s 225kV microfocus x-ray source, with their proprietary 450kV microfocus source provides resolution capabilities that no other system can offer.  Add to that, the unparalleled precision and accuracy of the granite-based Avonix M2 manipulator, and you have a world-class CT system for a world-class client,” shares Jeff Diehm, Managing Director, Avonix Imaging.

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Metrology – Measurement Challenge: How do you measure something that’s flexible, transparent, and/or has complex geometry?

Take a CPAP mask for example – it seems pretty basic in appearance… 

However, when it comes to assessing a CPAP mask from a measurement perspective – it proves to be very complex. In metrology, traditional measurement tools such as CMMs and Laser Scanners, are simply ineffective. Neither can successfully measure flexible, transparent, and/or complex objects. 

Since CMM relies on a touch probe contacting the surface, consequently it will deform the object producing erroneous results. Further more, CMM also has issues dealing with inaccessible features due to the geometry of the object.  

Laser and light scanners cannot measure transparent objects without the addition of a surface coating. Therefore, these measurement tools also struggle with items featuring complex geometry when line of sight to the object feature is not available.  

The solution to accurately measure a CPAP mask – or any other object that’s flexible, transparent, and/or has complex geometry – is X-ray Computed Tomography (CT). This measurement choice is ideal for a number of reasons. CT does not apply any force to the object. It is unaffected by transparent or shinny surfaces; and collects internal and external data all within the same scan. In addition, internal as well as external geometry features, such as wall thickness, can be measured even if there’s no physical access to the internal structure of the object. Viola!  

We have a variety of X-ray systems on-site to quickly, easily, and cost effectively produce successful NDT and metrology results for customers nationwide. We’ve seen a multitude of different objects from numerous industry sectors come in to our Inspection Services Department for x-ray inspection and metrology. Some are simple jobs and some are complex. We love a challenge, so be sure to contact us when you need help.  

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Take a Look: Our New M2 225/450

Avonix Imaging is proud to announce our new M2 225/450 large envelope inspection system is now available for contract X-ray and CT inspection services!

Located in our Maple Grove, Minnesota office our M2 225/450 is the only system of its kind in the United States that’s available for contract inspection services. We designed it to easily accommodate the wide range of products our clients request we scan. It’s a valuable addition to the array of equipment we utilize in our inspection services division.

In an effort to better meet the needs of our clients Worldwide, we built the M2 225/450 with a granite-based, high-precision, multi-axis manipulator. It’s paired with a Nikon 225kV microfocus X-ray source and a proprietary 450kV microfocus rotating target X-ray source. It features both an area detector as well as Nikon’s proprietary CLDA (curved linear diode array). In addition, it has our two-position detector panel shift option to provide nearly twice the scanning diameter envelope of conventional systems. Our newest M2 is housed in a panelized radiation-shielded enclosure and is equipped for helical scanning so even tall parts can be scanned in just a single pass.

This unique combination of superior manipulator design with both low-power and high-power microfocus X-ray sources from Nikon, means this system is able to scan a full range of products – from small electronics and hardware – to larger and higher density components such as turbine blades, castings, and complex additive manufactured parts.

We are dedicated to continually providing the best equipment possible for our client’s X-ray and CT nondestructive testing needs. For more information about our new M2 225/450, or any Avonix Imaging products or services, please give us a call at 855-228-6649.

computed tomography

Inside Fireworks with Computed Tomography

At Avonix Imaging we are an inquisitive group! Therefore…we think it’s “a blast” (pun intended) to use our super cool computed tomography equipment to really see what makes stuff tick.

Ever wonder what’s inside fireworks? We did! Here’s our CT (Computed Tomography) scan of an 8-shot repeater aerial firework…called Kaleidoscope.

Happy 4th of July from Avonix Imaging!

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Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics - Avonix Imaging Blog

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics

Nikon Metrology has revolutionized defect analysis for electronic components for one Michigan company. Saline Lectronics is an electronics contract manufacturer, founded in 2002 and located in Saline, Michigan. Their experienced team of electrical, mechanical, test, and quality engineers solves the most complex and technical challenges for their customers. Therefore, it’s important for them to utilize the best equipment available. Saline Lectronics invested in the Nikon XT V 160. This offers the most accurate and reliable defect analysis of their customers’ highly complex, extremely dense circuit board assemblies.

Traditionally, the electronics manufacturing industry has relied on 2D X-rays systems or manual visual inspection to determine whether a connection is acceptable. However, these methods are subjective and can be unreliable. Nikon specifically designed the XT V 160 for use in production and failure analysis laboratories. This offers Saline Lectronics technicians a reliable, highly magnified look at component connections that ultimately saves time during both the build and troubleshooting processes. In addition, the non-destructive process offers a real-time, automated system for clear, pass/fail reporting.

Avonix Imaging partners with Nikon Metrology to provide world-class industrial x-ray and CT imaging equipment to companies like Saline Lectronics in the U.S. and internationally.

Read more about Saline Lectronics at the Nikon Metrology blog.

Year In Review 2016

Year In Review

As we begin 2017, Avonix Imaging has much to celebrate from the past year. We’d like to share some highlights as we look at our year in review.


As Avonix Imaging continues to grow its reputation and name in the industrial x-ray and computed tomography (CT) industry, we’ve also grown our staff to accommodate our clients’ needs. In 2016, our staff doubled, adding top-quality personnel to strengthen the areas of electrical engineering, equipment services, and contract inspection services. Our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations both in the quality of the imaging and the customer service provided, and continues to operate with the high standards and values of company founders Jeff Diehm and Brian Ruether.


In 2016, we embarked on a project to develop and build our own walk-in x-ray enclosure with an Avonix large-format manipulator system that will allow us to inspect larger parts and higher density materials with a dual 225/450 kV Nikon micro-focus system configuration. This will be an immense benefit for our customers, whether they are looking to purchase a system of this caliber or utilize our contract inspection services.

New Location

The year’s most visible change for Avonix Imaging was the move to our new location. We purchased a building and relocated from our original office in Plymouth, Minnesota, to a larger facility in Maple Grove, Minnesota, with an expanded applications and demo lab as well as a high-quality assembly area for our systems integration efforts. As a result, this allows us additional capabilities in all aspects of our business.

Looking Ahead

Even as we celebrate our 2016 successes, we’re looking forward to what’s in store for us in 2017 as we continue to grow and enhance our products and processes. April will mark our fifth anniversary, and we want to celebrate with you. Look for more details soon about an open house anniversary celebration.

We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to our colleagues, our partners, and, most of all, our customers. You’ve been instrumental in the success of Avonix Imaging and we appreciate your support. Here’s to another great year at Avonix Imaging.

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika

For needed improvements in their quality assurance department, award-winning Mindarika turned to Nikon Metrology for computed tomography (CT) capabilities. Mindarika, India’s largest four-wheeler automotive switch manufacturer, has since seen a global improvement in its productivity, and continues to explore the full potential and capabilities of the CT system.

Avonix Imaging partners with Nikon Metrology to provide world-class industrial x-ray and CT imaging equipment to companies like Mindarika in the U.S. and internationally.

Read more from Nikon Metrology.