About Us

Introduction / History

Jeff Diehm and Brian Ruether have spent many years in the industry, gaining expertise in industrial x-ray and CT imaging, while building their reputations as leaders in the inspection services and system design and manufacturing segments, respectively. Both Jeff and Brian recognized that there was a need for a more customer-focused approach to both the contract services and systems sales segment, where the needs of the customer came first and the profitability of the company would follow. They believed that if they put the client at the forefront of their efforts on a daily basis, constructing a true "Win-Win" scenario in which the value of the service or equipment made it beneficial to all parties, then everyone would prosper from their efforts.

From this customer-centric business philosophy, Avonix Imaging was born in 2012.

Avonix Imaging is a company dedicated to becoming a leader in providing world-class industrial x-ray and CT (computed tomography) imaging services and equipment. Founded on the expertise and guiding principles of its owners, Jeff Diehm and Brian Ruether, Avonix Imaging is committed to exceeding client's expectations in the quality of the imaging provided and customer service focused way in which it is done. Avonix will strive to provide the best imaging available in the market, in a timely manner and at a price that makes this exceptional service an exceptional value as well.

Avonix Imaging has new, state-of-the art CT imaging equipment located in its applications lab in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, with the technical expertise to meet a wide variety of x-ray imaging needs. Avonix provides 2-dimensional digital realtime x-ray imaging (DDA/DR) as well as the more advanced, 3-dimensional CT scanning method for an unparalleled view of the internal configuration of customer components. In addition, Avonix represents Nikon Metrology with its complete line of x-ray CT systems and has equipment service capabilities and consulting services available to offer a well-rounded suite of products and services.

Executive Bios


Jeffrey Diehm

Jeffrey Diehm has been in the industrial x-ray business for almost 30 years. After graduating from Spartan School of Aeronautics in 1983, Jeff went to work at General Dynamics Space Systems in San Diego, California in their x-ray lab, performing x-ray inspections and interpretation on aerospace welding and avionics. From 1989 through 2001, Jeff worked for WMW Associates in Los Angeles in a sales management and ownership position. WMW was a leading provider of industrial x-ray cabinets and integrated systems in the western U.S. Jeff joined North Star Imaging in 2001 as the Western Regional Sales Manager, specializing in sales of NSI’s systems. In 2005 he moved to Minnesota and launched NSI’s Inspection Services Group (ISG), leading it from its inception to a position of national prominence in the industrial x-ray and CT imaging field. Jeff’s proven leadership and a passion for customer service were instrumental in the department’s growth and reputation as a leader in the industry.


Brian Ruether

Brian Ruether has been in the industrial x-ray business for nearly 25 years. After graduating from Ridgewater College in 1989, Brian went to work for Goodrich Aerospace in Burnsville, MN in their Product Improvement Laboratory, performing digital x-ray imaging services on a variety of aerospace components for both quality control and failure analysis. From 1995 through 1998, Brian worked for Scientific Measurement Systems (SMS) in Austin, TX as an application/project engineer. SMS pioneered the field of industrial computed tomography, developing both hardware and software. During his time at SMS he helped develop and deploy computed tomography systems used in facilities world wide in a vast array of industries. Brian joined North Star Imaging (NSI) in 1989 and started NSI on the path to systems development and manufacturing. During his 14-year tenure as Vice President of Operation and Technology, NSI became the industry leading developer and manufacturer of industrial x-ray imaging and computed tomography imaging solutions.