Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Our Process

Working with Avonix Imaging is an easy process.


1: Contact us

Just call or email us to discuss your application and the potential solutions. A picture is worth a thousand words.


2: Send the part

Once we agree on the scope and cost, simply send us your parts for scanning.


3: We scan it

We have the fastest turnaround in the industry - as quick as 1 day!


4: Data Delivery

We'll return your parts & deliver the results in your desired method:

  • WebEx
  • Flash drive
  • Personal visit

Avonix Imaging provides industrial x-ray and computed tomography (CT) imaging services to a multitude of industries. Our services can range from simple high-resolution 2-dimensional (DR) realtime imaging of a few components to providing the same world-class imaging on a high-volume production run. In addition, 3D CT imaging of a single part for failure analysis, to high-speed CT scanning of many parts on a production basis.

Within each level of service that we offer, there are additional services that are available to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

2D Digital X-ray Inspection Services

2D Imaging

  • High-resolution microfocus realtime or static imaging
  • High-speed realtime imaging with frame rates up to 5,000/sec.
  • In-motion realtime imaging capturing products in operation

3D Computed Tomography X-ray Scanning Services
CT Imaging

  • True 3D x-ray imaging of the internal configuration of parts
  • Expert failure analysis based on the results of the CT scanning
  • Assistance with product development through industry experts
  • Advanced CT software processing including Void Analysis, Wall-thickness analysis and Part-to-Part and Part-to-CAD comparisons
  • First-article inspections and expert metrology analysis

Avonix Imaging's Center of Excellence in Maple Grove, Minnesota brings together resources from a variety of industry experts to help you solve your manufacturing challenges, all in one place.

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