Training / Consulting


Digital Radiography & Computed Tomography Training

The staff at Avonix Imaging possesses the technical expertise to assist you in fully utilizing your existing equipment and truly “getting the most” out of every 2D image or 3D CT scan that you perform. We can come to your facility and help you develop the optimum radiographic techniques to ensure high-quality CT scans. In addition, we will help you understand what the data means and how to interpret the images for your purposes. Whether you have a new CT/x-ray system or an old one, the best learning environment for your operators is on their own equipment, working with the products that they scan everyday. Call us to discuss your needs and we will help you determine if this onsite training and consultative service is right for you.

Level III Services

Through our network of high-level ASNT certified Level III’s, we can pair you with the professional who has the right qualifications and a proven skill set to meet your requirements. These experts have proven track records in a variety of industries from military and defense manufacturing to the leading aerospace firms. Simply tell us what your needs are and your location and we will put you in contact with a highly qualified professional in your area.