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Avonix Imaging provides industrial x-ray imaging and computed tomography system from Nikon Metrology as well as custom solutions of its own manufacture. The Nikon equipment is second to none in the industrial x-ray market with a long history in both the traditional x-ray and metrology market places.

    Nikon employs it’s own micro focus tube technology. Most system suppliers only offer micro focus sources up to 225kV, while more powerful sources in their offerings are mini focus. Nikon is the only company to produce micro focus sources at 160kV, 225kV, 320kV and 450kV. The focal spot size of the micro focus sources is orders of magnitude smaller compared to mini focus sources, which results in superior resolution and accuracy. This combined with many innovative design features make Nikon systems the best x-ray imaging solution available today.

      Nikon XT V Series – 130kV to 160kV
      • The XT V is specifically designed for use in production lines and failure analysis laboratories. Real-time X-ray allows the user to intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards and electronic components and quickly trace defects. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at highest throughput.

      Nikon XT H Series – 160kV to 450kV
      • The versatile XT H systems offer powerful micro focus X-ray sources, a large inspection volume, high resolution imaging and are ready for ultrafast CT (computed tomography) reconstruction. They cover a wide range of applications, including the inspection of small castings, plastic parts and complex mechanisms as well as researching materials and natural specimens.