XT V 1 30

XT V 130 Electronics X-ray Inspection

With the advent of many newer type of electronic components, surface inspection is no longer an option. As most electrical connections remain hidden from the eye, the ability to run premium quality real-time X-ray is more important than ever before. Designed for 100% (μ)BGA, multi-layer and PCB solder joint inspection, the XT V 130 X-ray system is a high-precision, flexible solution that facilitates defect analysis in loaded PCB boards. The system's Inspect-X software offers automated inspection functions and (optional) automatic board identification, which ensure high inspection throughput rates.



•Patented X-ray tube technology

•16 bit detector technology

•Large tray for loading multiple boards

•60 degree viewing angle

•Automated BGA and solder void analysis

•Intuitive software interface

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•Solder reflow analysis

•BGA connectivity and analysis

•Solder void calculation

•Through hole measurement and inspection

•Die attach voiding measurement

•Ball bond analysis

•Stitch bond analysis

•Micro BGA / chip on chop analysis

•Pad array analysis

•Dry joint detection and analysis

•Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS, MOEMS)

•Cables, harnesses, plastics and many more