XTH 225/320 LC

XTH 225/320 LC Universal CT X-Ray Inspection

The XT H 225/320 LC features a more powerful microfocus X-ray source that is able to run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects. Nikon Metrology is the only company to produce 320kV microfocus X-ray sources. As the X-ray spot size of these sources is orders of magnitude smaller compared to minifocus sources, end users benefit from superior resolution, accuracy and a wider array of measurable parts.

With the optional rotation reflection target, an even higher X-ray flux is available enabling customers to obtain faster CT data acquisition or achieve higher CT data accuracy in the same time span.



•Patented X-ray tube technology

•Exclusive 320kV microfocus tube

•Large format 16 bit detector technology and image processing tools

•Intuitive software interface

•Advanced 3D visualization and analysis

•Customizable macros to automate work flow

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•Evaluation of precision parts and large castings, complex mechanisms and internal components

•Part-to-CAD comparison

•Reverse engineering

•Detailed failure analysis

•Advanced material research and analysis of biological structures

•Digital archiving of models

•Troubleshooting of assembly issues