Large Envelope Systems

Configurable Large-Envelope Imaging Systems

Avonix Lineup of Large Envelope X-ray and CT Systems

Avonix Imaging provides x-ray imaging and computed tomography systems of its own design and manufacture, in partnership with Nikon Metrology. Innovative designs by Avonix Imaging combined with Nikon Metrology micro focus source technology and software result in an industry-leading imaging system for a wide range of applications.

Our configurable systems offer a larger inspection envelope than is available in the standard Nikon cabinet products. These modular systems support multiple sources, multiple detectors and can be custom-configured to fit a variety of applications.

Nikon employs it’s own micro focus x-ray tube technology. Most system suppliers only offer micro focus sources up to 225kV, while more powerful sources in their product line are mini focus. Nikon is the only company to produce micro focus sources of 160kV, 225kV, 320kV, 450kV and 750kV. The focal spot size of these micro focus sources is orders-of-magnitude smaller when compared to mini focus sources, which results in superior resolution and accuracy.

Avonix Imaging Modular Systems