Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics Software for Industrial CT

Volume Graphics range of products – comprising VGStudio MAX, VGStudio, VGMetrology, VG InLine, and myVGL – allows all types of analyses and visualizations directly on industrial computed tomography (CT) data. With Volume Graphics software, there is no need to convert voxel data into other formats. The ability to display and analyze both voxel and polygon data within one application makes Volume Graphics software unique.

VGStudio MAX: World's Most Advanced Industrial CT Software

VGStudio MAX is our extendable high-end software. Leading industrial companies around the world use VGStudio MAX to easily run comprehensive, non-destructive tests in the areas of research, production, and quality assurance. With the optional add-on modules available for VGStudio MAX, various material/component investigations as well as geometrical analyses can be performed on the basis of the original voxel data. In addition, VGStudio MAX provides highly sophisticated features for the segmentation, visualization, and animation of industrial CT data sets. The ability to process macros in batch mode completes the functionality of VGStudio MAX.

VGStudio: The Affordable Industrial CT Software

VGStudio offers an affordable entry into the world of CT data analysis and visualization. The visualization capabilities of VGStudio are on par with those of VGStudio MAX. In connection with the CT Reconstruction Module, VGStudio is a low-cost, graphics card-based CT reconstruction software for both end users and OEM partners.

VGMetrology: Maximum Precision, Minimal CT Data Set Sizes

VGMetrology is our easy-to-use, universal metrology solution. The software turns every CT scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device. Unparalleled: its native support of not only voxel data but also point cloud, mesh, and CAD data. Metrologists can use VGMetrology as the one universal application for all their measurements. Everything they need is packed into one compact file that is easily exchangeable over the internet. With the free VGMetrology Viewer, customers or colleagues can view projects already created with VGMetrology.

VG InLine: Easily Automate CT Inspections and Analyses

VG InLine automates non-destructive testing with industrial CT. The ready-to-use software package allows for advanced in-line or at-line CT inspection and analysis. With VG InLine, you can automatically inspect parts with a recurring analysis pattern within the production process or in quality labs.

myVGL: The Universal CT Data Viewer

The Volume Graphics family of products is complemented by myVGL, our universal CT data viewer: It allows you to view all analyses and visualizations created using VGStudio MAX or VGStudio. In connection with the Pack&Go functionality of VGStudio MAX and VGStudio, myVGL is ideally suited for passing analysis results to customers or colleagues.

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