2D x-ray imaging

High resolution 2D real-time (live) x-ray imaging
provides dynamic insight into objects.

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3D x-ray computed Tomography

Go beyond traditional 2D x-ray methods and use computed tomography to produce a 3D volume.

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industries served

2D x-ray imaging and 3D computed tomography is
used in a wide array of industries.

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We were having a tough time trying to track down a failure on an electrical component and after spending many hours testing the component and decapsulating one of several that we had, we were no closer to an answer. Fortunately, we were referred to Avonix Imaging to do a CT scan. After reviewing the results of the first scan, the failure mode was quite obvious and we were able to make changes to our process to rectify the situation. We won't hesitate to contact Avonix again if we need this type of assistance. – Project Manager - Aerospace Technology - Dallas, TX

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The staff at Avonix Imaging possesses the technical expertise to assist you in fully utilizing your existing equipment and truly "getting the most" out of every 2D image or 3D CT scan that you perform.

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Avonix Imaging has a highly qualified and experienced service engineering staff that offers a full range of equipment services and maintenance on industrial x-ray imaging equipment.

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